A Weekend in the South: Avignon, France

This weekend, my host family and I traveled south to the Provence region of France! It is only about 3 hours away from Chambéry but it looks like a whole different country! We spent the day at Le Pont du Gard, which is an ancient Roman aqueduct (built in 60 AD !) which was super cool. We even saw an olive tree from the 900’s, you don’t see that in Ohio!! Afterwards, we drove to Avignon, a popular tourist city which is rich in history. It is most famously known for its Papacy in the 1300’s and the large medieval brick wall that surrounds the city. I really enjoyed this city because it is so unique, also because it had the coolest christmas decor! In France, every town has a Marché de Nöel which is an outdoor Christmas market where you can find anything from little gifts for family & friends to hot wine! You read that right… in France you can buy hot wine, but I stuck with the more traditional hot cocoa!