Bonne Année: Lyon, France


I couldn’t have asked for a better NYE! My host family and I spent the whole day (and night) in the city of Lyon, also one of my favorite cities that I have visited in France! We visited the most beautiful church called Cathedral St Jean located on a hill in Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon- which is the very charming/ medieval part of the city!). I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Lyon, it had such great views from the top and the church was stunning! Pictures don’t do it justice!


We also walked the adorable streets of Lyon, decorated with Christmas lights. We ended the year with a delicious meal at an Indian restaurant in Vieux Lyon, but my favorite memory will be riding the ferris wheel as it turned midnight! The city of Lyon was full of people lighting fireworks on the sides of the streets, honking cars, and everyone shouting “bonne année // happy new year!” I had never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful I got the chance to! It was certainly a night I will never forget!

P.S. Merci to my host family for everything, I’m so grateful for these kind and supportive people who have done so much for me during my time in France! 🙂

Au revoir 2016! I have learned so much this year, met so many new people, and have fallen in love with a new country. I’m looking forward to all the new things I will learn in 2017. Wishing everyone the best year yet, filled with lots of laughter, happiness, and adventure in 2017!


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