French High School pt. 1

Today was the first full day of school in France and I survived it!! I actually really like my school. It’s about the same size as Jackson and the teachers are very nice. It’s located in les hauts de Chambéry which is about 10 minutes by bus to the center of town. Here are a few things I learned on the first day:
1. Classes change every day. For example, you might have history 3 times a week, English 4 times a week, economics 2 times a week etc…

2. Students AND teachers change classes. This was strange for me because the classroom walls are bare here because the teachers change rooms too!!

3. The paper that students write on (for all of their classes) is like graphing paper that we use in math class in the US.

4. EVERYONE has a pencil pouch and a green, blue and red pen. They do not write in pencil here. Also, both the students and teachers write in cursive! 

5. EVERYONE has this folder to organize papers for their classes. I have not seen this in the U.S. so I found it very nifty. 

6. EVERYONE uses a planner. The teachers make their students use it to write down the loads of homework they get. 

7. It’s hard to speak French when everyone is trying to speak in English with you because they know you’re American. 😜
So far I’m loving school here, even though it’s only been the first day! I’m making lots of new friends and improving my French!