French High School pt. 2

I have been so fortunate to be in the same class with some of the friendliest and welcoming people. All of my French classmates speak English so they’ve been helping me learn French as well! Besides being in a class with such cool people, I’ve also learned how different school in France is compared to the U.S.

No phone policy/ No wifi:

SHOCKER ALERT: there is no wifi in the high school. This was really different for me because I am used to bringing my computer to school and using it for writing a paper, doing homework, etc. Also, cell phones are NOT allowed to be out during class or lunch

‘Gourmet’ school lunches:

On the bright side, school lunches are fantastic!! The other day I had salmon and rice, a salad, and yogurt… in the school cafeteria!!!

Lecture style classes:

Another thing I have noticed is that smart boards do not exist in my high school. The teachers here use whiteboards to teach their lessons, it’s very similar to a lecture style class. Sometimes classes can last up to 2 hours long and on top of that, I do not understand any of it because the teachers speak so fast!

Reverse senioritis: 

It’s cool to think that this is my senior year of high school, but I’m spending it in a foreign country. And you know what they say about senior year… you end up getting senioritis 😜 In my case, I am experiencing the reverse because I do not understand any french so I don’t have to get a grade for homework or tests. But towards the end of the year when my French improves, I will be expected to get better grades.


Lastly, I have noticed that the French love to study and compare their country to the U.S. I hear “les États-Unis” (the United States) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I still can’t comprehend much so I can’t tell what they’re saying about the US, but whenever a teacher says “les États-Unis” all the students stare at me and that’s how I know they’re talking about the U.S.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about French high schools or my exchange year in general!

À plus tard! // See ya! 💕

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