Friday with a Frenchie

Meet Mathieu, one of my many amazing French friends.

Mathieu was the first person to run up to me when he found out I spoke English (this is because he’s fluent and loves speaking in English). He’s been a great friend and great help when it comes to teaching me French! To learn more about the differences between our cultures, I asked him a few questions! So grab a baguette and some cheese and get ready to be entertained because my French friend is… French 😉

Amanda (Me): Do the French have any Stereotypes of Americans?

Mathieu: French people think that Americans always eat McDonald’s, that they all have weapons, and that there are a lot of famous people.

A: Do you prefer American or British accents and why? (I asked this question because in France, the students are taught British English, so all of my classmates were surprised to hear my accent when I spoke in English)

M: I prefer the American accent because I find it cute, they don’t pronounce the ‘t,’ it’s like they have no time to speak so they speak really fast and I love that.

A: How do you know English so well?

M: I speak English well because I did a special section in middle school called “International Section,” I had 10 hours of English per week, I went to England 2 times, I went on exchange in England, and because I love the language!

A: What’s your favorite song in English? And in French? (I asked this question because Mathieu is always singing songs in the hallways at school and he’s quite good!)

M: I don’t have one favorite song, but my favorite singers are Rihanna and Twenty One Pilots and my favorite French singer is Stromae (he’s from Belgium).

A: Can you tell us what a ‘Day in the life of Mathieu’ is like?

M: ‘A day in the life of Mathieu’ is: I wake up at 6:45am to go to school, I take the bus full of tired students, then I work in class (when my friends aren’t talking too much to me). At lunch time I eat in the cafeteria, but the food is really bad, then I go back to class. After school, I go play rugby with my team! And when I have homework, I do that as well.

A: What’s your favorite thing to do in Chambéry?

M: When I’m in Chambéry, the best thing to do is go to the ‘Parc du Verney‘ with some friends, sit on a bench, talk with them, and eat pizza or Kebab!

A: What’s your favorite food to eat in Chambéry?

M: The best food to eat in Chambéry is Raclette!!! It’s a hotplate where you put your cheese and the cheese gets all melted and then you put it on potatoes or what ever you like! It’s considered a delicacy in France.

A: What’s your favorite city in France and why?

M: My favorite city in France is Paris, because it is the capital, and there are so many things to do like shopping, visiting museums, walking on the little streets, taking photos of the monuments, taking the “metro” and a lot of things like that!

A: Can you teach my readers one of your favorite sayings in French?

M: I don’t say any sayings, but my favorite sentence is “J’ai faim”– It means “I’m hungry.”


(FYI, Mathieu is the one on the left! The girl next to him is Karla, a Mexican exchange student and the girl next to her is Camille, another Frenchie who is a good friend!)

Merci beaucoup Mathieu!!

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