Joyeux Anniversaire: Chambéry, France

Happy 18th Birthday to me!

I have been so fortunate to spend my 18th birthday in France surrounded by my exchange friends, my 2 host families, and my Rotary club! I enjoyed great company and delicious food at the most beautiful chateau, I could’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my first year as an adult! It was truly a day to remember! Thank you to my legit family for giving me the opportunity to spend a year abroad, my host families for always being so patient and supportive, my exchange friends for teaching me a bit of their culture, and Rotary for making my exchange year possible!

But the celebrations didn’t stop there!! The day after my birthday, my best (French) friend surprised me by showing up at my house!! It was the best birthday surprise ever!! Her name is Estelle, she was an exchange student at Jackson High School 2 years ago and my family hosted her for 5 months, so you can imagine how happy I was to see her!! We spent the whole weekend in the city of Chambéry eating Nutella waffles, drinking hot chocolate, and shopping. She has also helped me tremendously with Français since it is her native language.

Estelle and I also went to a ‘Dia de los Muertos’ fiesta with some Latina exchange students in Chambéry, so I have been speaking a lot of Spanish, French, AND English this weekend! That’s one of my favorite aspects of study abroad because there are more ways than one to communicate with others. Overall, I will never forget the memories I made on my 18th Birthday thanks to my friends and family!



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