Things the French Say

Bonjour mes amis! // Hello friends!
Guess what!? Today marks three weeks since I arrived in the beautiful country of France! I can’t say I’ve been speaking a lot of french, but I can say that I have been learning a lot of slang from the friends I have made at school! So here are a few words/ phrases that you can say in French to make you sound cool 😎

Ah bon

This is like “oh really?”

Oui / ouais

“Oui” means yes in French, as many people know. And to say yeah, you can say “ouais.”

Ben oui / ben non

The French love to say “bah” this, “bah” that. It would be equivalent to “um” in English and so it’s very common to say “bah oui” (um yes) and “bah non” (um no).


I’m not even sure how to spell this in French but I always hear people say what sounds like “up!” For example, when someone is serving you and they are about to put food on your plate, they would say “up!” or if they drop something and they go to pick it up they would say “up!”

Oh la la

In the United States we think this is a very stereo typical phrase, but in France it is extremely common to say “oh la la!” This would be equivalent to saying “oh wow” or “oh gosh” in English.

Oh my goodness or OMG

Yes, the French actually do you say oh my goodness or OMG in English.


As most English speakers know, LOL means laugh out loud and the French also say LOL but MDR is the French translation of LOL. So you can say either or in France.

OK or d’accord or dac

It’s super common to say OK here in France but the French way to say OK would be to say “d’accord.” Sometimes, to shorten “d’accord,” you can say “dac.”

Bon appétit

Everyone says this before they eat, it’s like “Enjoy your meal!”


This is another super common word. It means “there,” as in “there you go.”

“Pardon my French” or “Excuse my French” …

Now I’m not going to go into detail with this topic, but it is a large part of the culture/ language here in France so I thought I’d mention it. The French have no filter when it comes to profanity. This was very strange for me because it is common for people of all ages and you hear it all the time.

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