Tour du Monde



This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in an international culture fair, right here in Chambéry a.k.a. Tour du Monde au Manège representing the United States of America along with people from 40 other countries around the world! This year, the country of honor was México and being that I have a lot of exchange student friends who are Mexican, I got to learn a lot about their culture, speak a little bit of Spanish, and try some delicious Mexican food!


I also met some of the coolest people at the fair… THE BRAZILIANS! 😉 It felt like I was back in Brazil talking to them in Portuguese, learning Samba, and eating delicious Brazilian food!


And of course, the USA! I represented the States with 5 other Americans who are spending a semester/ year abroad at the University here in Chambéry! IMG_0703

I also made friends with the representatives of India, Germany, China… I could go on and on about all the people I met and what I learned about their countries, but I don’t think I have enough space to write about all the cool things I experienced during the 2 days! To sum it up, I made some of the greatest memories, got to experience so many cultures, and make so many new friendships.

I realized you don’t need to come from the same place, do things the same way, or even speak the same language to be friends. All it takes is an open mindset! I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to participate in an event like this, and I look forward to sharing my culture and learning about others very soon!!

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