I absolutely love my host family because they love to stay busy whether it’s going into the city for a cup of hot chocolate, going on a walk along the country side, or playing Scrabble, we always have so much fun together! This time, my host family decided to spend the weekend on the slopes at Vercours, being that we live in the French Alp region known for its ski resorts that attract lots of tourists from all over Europe!

Friday night my whole host family packed into a ‘mini-bus’ and headed to the south of Grenoble where we stayed in an appartement. It was a rough drive to to the ski resort,  would say we got about 2 feet of snow over night! Therefore, we did not get to ski Saturday because it continued to snow and the visibility was so bad. But we did go ‘luge-ing’ (I don’t know if that is a word in English, but in French is called a ‘luge’). It’s basically like an outdoor rollercoaster on a snowy mountain! It was super cool, I enjoyed it! The rest of the time we went sledding except it took us almost an hour to create a path on the mountain because there was powder up to our knees! But it was worth it because I got some cool pictures 😉

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to hit the slopes. It’s funny because every time I would go skiing with my family back in the States, I would always get sick… so of course with my luck, I got sick this time too! I ran 1 round on the blue tracks and the energy was completely knocked out of me and during that time I only fell twice!! But hey, at least I can say I skied in France!


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