I recently had the privilege of meeting Sol Studio founder, Natasha Samuels.

Talk about a role model, Natasha is everything I strive to be and more!

Natasha is a Sarasota native and is currently a senior at USF graduating in May majoring in Public Relations. Natasha also owns her own business, Sol Studio!

She has studied abroad (TWICE) during her college career, so we bonded over the fact that study abroad is a life changing experience 😉

Here is what I found out about Natasha:

What is Sol Studio?

Sol Studio is a digital marketing boutique. She works on digital marketing, social media management, and digital content creation to name a few!

As founder of Sol Studio, what do you do on a typical day?

Aside from being a student at USF, Natasha takes client calls, does social scheduling, brain storms content for her blog, responds to emails, and still makes time for a quick gym session!

What was your previous experience that led you to your current position?

Natasha has had 3 internships. Her most inspirational one being digital marketing, it has led to the creation of her current business.

What do you most value about your job?

The freedom and flexibility. Natasha enjoys being able to chose who she works with and when she works. Another bonus is that her company is travel- friendly, allowing her to pick up at a moments notice and travel whenever she wishes.

What is your motivation/ inspiration for success?

Natasha’s motivation is her happiness. She truly enjoys what she does. Her business makes her happy and brings fulfillment to her life. #goals

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to become an entrepreneur?

“Do it!”- Natasha believes in pursuing her dreams. She encourages others to be motivated and passionate about what they want to attain. She also stresses the importance of finding a good mentor and having internships for experience!

What new belief or habit has impacted your life in the last 5 years to create a positive outcome?

Creating “Me time”- Natasha believes it is very important to set aside time during her day completely dedicated to herself. She does this by turning off the notifications on her phone or taking an hour to work out and clear her mind.

What is one of the most worthwhile investments you have made?

Creating a workspace at home motivates Natasha to work hard and has helped her be productive.

If you wrote a book, what would it be called and why?

Study Abroad: The amazing opportunity of living in a foreign country and how it changes your life” and “Entrepreneurship: The journey to success”

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Be sure to follow Sol Studio on Instagram @solstudiomarketing




I loved getting to know Natasha from Sol Studio! She is a true role model for young, female entrepreneurs! Thank you, Natasha!


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