5 Ways To Make Your Year Abroad Affordable

Are you hesitating to study abroad because of a tight budget? Or worried that living across the globe will cost thousands of dollars? Fear not, many people don’t know that study abroad can actually be more affordable in a foreign country than in the US. Here are 5 ways YOU can study abroad on a budget:

  1. Chose A Destination That’s Right For You

To start off, think of a place where you can see yourself living. Does this place have a college you could attend? Is it a very touristy city? There are many aspects to think about when deciding on a location. It’s important to remember that choosing a city like London, England or Geneva, Switzerland is going to be a big tourist location and very expensive. If you’re not willing to spend money on high living costs, consider choosing a more affordable city like Cusco, Peru or Lisbon, Portugal.

      2. Do Your Research

Once you have chosen your dream destination, you should make sure you research as many study abroad organizations as possible. There are so many to chose from, each offers unique opportunities you might not want to miss out on. That being said, some will be more expensive than others. This is when you get to pick how much you want to spend, and what you want to study/ see while you’re studying abroad. Many times, study abroad organizations will offer students scholarships- it’s definitely worth it to apply. You can also apply for Financial Aid through your school to help out with the cost.

      3. Pack Smart

Now that you have chosen your destination and Study Abroad organization, its now time to pack! One thing I learned from studying abroad is that it’s important to come prepared for the season(s). For example, I lived in France for one year so I had to bring Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring clothes. Sometimes this can be difficult packing all of your clothes into one suitcase, but you’re better off bringing all of your clothes than having to buy them in the country you study abroad in because clothing is typically more expensive outside the US.

      4. Less is More

If you’re worried about spending a long time away from home in a foreign country, why not make it a short-term study abroad? Many organizations offer 3-month study abroad programs. These are perfect to get a taste of the country’s culture and get school credit at the same time! It is also a lot more affordable than spending 12 months abroad.

      5. Create a Budget

Now this one may seem obvious, but it is the most important. Having a budget laid out for you will make it a lot easier to stick to. You can split up your budget into categories for food, transportation, entertainment, etc. Be honest with yourself when creating your budget, but also allow yourself flexibility in your spending money because you’ll want to be able to make memorable purchases.

Whether you think you can’t or can, it is still worth it to apply to study abroad because if you don’t try, you’ll never know!

If you are studying abroad, leave a comment below on how you made it work for you!



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