My Travel Essentials

It's spring break at UT and you know what that means... It's time for a new adventure! This spring break I'll be traveling to one of my favorite countries! Can you guess where?

Here are my fave things I carry with me when I travel:

My computer: gotta have it when blog inspiration strikes 😉

Mario Badescu: I recently wrote an article about Mario Badescu products and have completely fallen in love with them! This rose facial spray is so refreshing!

My wallet: for cash and I.D’s

Petit espresso: necessary for an international flight

Passport: my handy dandy-ticket to around the world

A good book: I’m currently reading You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. An excellent read if you’re into the power of the mind.

JBL Headphones: I’m really into podcasts! My current favorite one to listen to is Office Hours with College Fashionista! They give great tips for college bloggers 🙂

And now I’m off for another adventure!! Stay on the look out for another post on where I am in the world!